Donations are welcome and greatly appreciated. Please let me know if you want your funds going to a specific need; Helping Others Fund, Travel Expenses, or Monthly Support.

***This is not a non-profit organzation and therefore your funds are not tax exempt.***  

Helping Others Fund

This is an opportunity for you to help someone else. This fund is allotted for the people who come across my path and would like my services but financially unable to afford it. Your donations to this fund will afford someone an opportunity for alternative health services. 

If this is you and you are in need of extra help, please contact me for more information.

Travel Expenses

My practice operates remotely, which allows me the freedom to travel in order to teach and offer further assistance to my clients. If you would like to donate to help with travel expenses, please make a note when making your donation.  


Donate to the Helping Others Fund or Help pay for Travel Expenses. Thank you for your Donation!

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