Debra Elder, D.PSc

I am a Traditional Naturopath - ND from Trinity School of Natural Healing; CHNP - Certified Natural Health Practitioner from Trinity School of Natural Healing; also a Hanna Kroeger Practitioner. Certified in Raindrop Massage and Emotional Release, and trained in biofeedback, Voice Stress Assessment by Dr. Hamer’s New Medicine and Rife Frequencies. 

My passion is to bring Hope! I walk along side my clients to help them achieve wholeness (body, mind & spirit) and help them see who God created them to be. With the use of biofeedback and God given insight I help my clients identify blockages or imbalances, as well as underlying emotional conflicts. I educate and encourage my clients to utilize natural foods and products to bring balance where needed. My favorites are herbs, homeopathy, flower essences, essential oils and organic foods.

Personal Story


What led me to this place, I can only describe it as true heartbreak. I found myself in a desperate place due to an emotional and physical breakdown after the death of my daughter from a drug overdose and then of my mother who passed away suddenly (we were very close). It was all too much! To my dismay the medical doctors and therapists could only offer antidepressants. After reading all the possible side effects, I decided I did not want to go that route and in desperation I cried out to God for help. There must be a different way! 

Through a series of events I was led to the essential oil blend called 'Joy' by Young Living and I believe it was these essential oils that helped get me through one of the darkest periods of life. That was the turning point for me.  I thought if these plant essences, a natural substance could help me survive such a dark place, I had to learn more and spread the word. I began to study essential oils, which then led me to herbs and other alternative remedies and modalities. 

My desire to learn all that I can to help myself and others inspired me to go back to school to become a Traditional Naturopathic Doctor, and to begin to study the lives of people like Hanna Kroeger, Hulda Clark, and Hildegard von Bigen. These amazing women had an incredible gift of helping people find wholeness. 

I was inspired by Hanna Kroeger's advice, “Help Yourself and then Others” that led to the creation of 'The Swan Cottage', a safe and loving environment where people can begin, continue or complete their transformation of wholeness. 


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